The Company is currently seeking investors to share in this rapid growth by acquisition plan.

Investor’s will share in the increased valuation of the Company as revenues grow, the balance sheet becomes stronger, and the Company attains a market leadership position.

Investor’s will also receive a 12% annual dividend starting in the 6th month.

The expected ROI is expected to range between 13-18%.


Please note; The second phase includes rapid growth by acquisition of several other Companies in the same industry segment such as the pharmaceutical, Durable Medical Equipment and Clinical Research companies by obtaining a stock exchange transfer agreement from these entities placing them under the holding company umbrella as hands off transactions and utilizing the balance sheets to generate revenues substantial enough to go to the over the counter market and initiate an IPO, at which time investors can make a choice to sell out their interest. This also allows for a greater potential for a buy-out from one of the larger Healthcare REITS.